Saturday, April 10, 2010

Old Friends

I've been thinking about the records I used to love recently.

That is, I still am fond of them, but had sort of forgotten there were still bands existing attached to the albums I knew and gave some thought to... so in that vein, I'd suggest looking up people whose work you've cared about and haven't heard anything about in a long while.

They're possibly still working, and maybe they've gotten better.

Firewater's "The Golden Hour" is an album I can't stop listening to, after loving two earlier releases and then losing track of them.

MC Solaar also didn't stop making albums after the single solitary one I bought in college, and they remain good, groundbreaking, and in fact great work... more than I thought I could expect to find.

That's about all, I guess.

That and I'm now figuring out how to set up a wireless network at home, with a pish (cheap) netbook gotten "for work", and also for the heck of it. My fiscal discipline makes some sense sometimes... I can do work for a consulting job I have now as a result of a friend doing hopefully both of us a favor.

In other news, finding out in a few days whether I have a job for the long term; I may have either seemed like the wrong guy, or seemed overqualified for it... I hope it's the latter, and that I then convinced the interviewer he was wrong, and I was less brilliant, unique, vibrant and gifted than I seemed.

It's an odd skill to have to master, but finding a way to fall into the extremely narrow band of appropriate skill level is vital and difficult in this blasted wasteland of a job market.