Saturday, April 10, 2010

Old Friends

I've been thinking about the records I used to love recently.

That is, I still am fond of them, but had sort of forgotten there were still bands existing attached to the albums I knew and gave some thought to... so in that vein, I'd suggest looking up people whose work you've cared about and haven't heard anything about in a long while.

They're possibly still working, and maybe they've gotten better.

Firewater's "The Golden Hour" is an album I can't stop listening to, after loving two earlier releases and then losing track of them.

MC Solaar also didn't stop making albums after the single solitary one I bought in college, and they remain good, groundbreaking, and in fact great work... more than I thought I could expect to find.

That's about all, I guess.

That and I'm now figuring out how to set up a wireless network at home, with a pish (cheap) netbook gotten "for work", and also for the heck of it. My fiscal discipline makes some sense sometimes... I can do work for a consulting job I have now as a result of a friend doing hopefully both of us a favor.

In other news, finding out in a few days whether I have a job for the long term; I may have either seemed like the wrong guy, or seemed overqualified for it... I hope it's the latter, and that I then convinced the interviewer he was wrong, and I was less brilliant, unique, vibrant and gifted than I seemed.

It's an odd skill to have to master, but finding a way to fall into the extremely narrow band of appropriate skill level is vital and difficult in this blasted wasteland of a job market.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And Another Thing

I also wanted to mention that I was the victim of a layoff round last summer, and no longer am anything but a desperate striver. It's very Victorian/depression-era in feeling. I'm not liking it.


I have a little wikipedia experiment going on...

It is in two parts.

Part the First: I have edited a page about China to (accurately) reflect the truth about one of the most polluted cities on earth.

I am waiting to see how long it might take to get taken down. Whether deservedly or not, it probably will get struck with an edit attempt... This most polluted city is listed at this link... Taiyuan.

I'd like to hear your stories about potentially being edited on a wiki-format to be reduced from telling the truth to watching a lie.

Before I edited the Taiyuan page, the only mentions of environment were related to the awesomeness of the parks. You might see the sentence I added. (BTW, if anyone has a good guide on markup rules and cribsheets for Wikipedia editing please send them. That would be great.)

So there you go.

The second project, still to be fully implemented, will involve some of you who know your marching orders already. Your orders await. Results will follow.