Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Surprising Levels of Pain and Suffering

I went for the first run last night. It was an “easy” no-distance bit of fluff. I suffered and muttered and was sad. I did, however go and do it, and make it home.

I’m sore today, and after all that nobility, I had insomnia, and then had a small person I share a house with who had a fever and was inconsolably crying all night (literally ALL NIGHT.) I got about an hour of sleep, I’m embarrassingly sore for a less-than-a-mile-of-real-running-at-once bit of exercise, but I hope this all works out somehow without lasting pain and damage.

I signed up for the North Face 10k at Bear Mountain, and there are just under 82 days and counting (I have a counter on my artisanal igoogle page) before I have to show up there, and probably throw up at some point in the woods before pulling up gimpy and coming across the line late.

They only need you to keep about a 3.1 mph pace (the drop-dead time is 2 hours), though it is over rock, root, stream, and hill. The biggest f-you of it all is that there will be people there that weekend on a variant course who are doing:

-50 miles

-Marathon distance

-Half-Marathon distance

Those are all on the prior day, so I’ll get to feel like a big-man as all the later starting 5k and childrens fun-run participants pass me.

Today is “rest”, tomorrow is “other activity” and Thursday is another three-quarter mile death march. I think maybe, maybe it will be… easier?

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