Monday, February 27, 2012

Bored Yet?

Another slightly longer run on Saturday, 1.5 miles of ACTUAL RUNNING. The extra warm-up and cool-down time is not counted.

Revelation: I'm slow. I'm also still fat. Holy cow, two weeks didn't fix everything? No, sadly they didn't. I'm actually heavier, which is surprising. I might just use the classic rationalization that I'm building muscle. That would be convenient, however untrue it might prove.

My feet are killing me, I've got a spot where I stepped down on a tape dispenser a few months back, and it gives me this weird nerve-twinkling pain every time I step down on it wrong. On the other foot, I really smashed into a piece of furniture a few weeks ago, and at this point I can't really walk without some real discomfort in my hiking boots. Running shoes are okay if I tread carefully, but it's a bit frustrating.

Sunday, wife/dog/daughter/self went for a walk of close to 5 miles up at Mohonk, on the cliffs overlooking the Catskills on one side, and the farmland around New Paltz on the other. The pup is a sore monkey today, and my feet were feeling like hamburger last night, but it was a good thing, and it's helping to grab hold of the weekends.

The commute is still on the tougher side, I haven't gotten the hang of it fully, though at least I'm now having the typical "how 'bout them Yankees/weather/weather/weather" conversations with the folks I stand with every morning. No matter how it gets sliced, I'm still on the go to and from work for 20 hours out of my week, and nothing can be expected to change that as long as I'm lucky enough to have work.

In other news: you may expect 30 updates in a row which are all likely to be pretty crummy on average, as I'm joining the Forced March:

It's for the best, really.

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