Monday, March 5, 2012

Mission 50/50

I'm heading to the Doctor tomorrow, to have my foot looked at. The nagging issue has gotten a bit worse, and hiking at Harriman on Sunday was dreadful, in a pair of boots that used to be all-day comfortable, blister-free, and perfect from the moment I got them. If I can't hike this summer, I'll be pretty disappointed, after this long, fattening winter I was counting on it.

If, on the other hand, I get the inevitable recommendation for an orthotic, I'm going to quietly recall the truism that "someone whose only tool is a hammer tends to see all problems in terms of nails", resist shouting angrily about it, and just go on my way.

Another realization: someone will always be doing a longer event, and doing it faster than I am. I need to stop feeling peevish about people social-"media-ing" about half-marathons and so forth, otherwise I'll never feel a sense of satisfaction about this, or turn into a loopy creature who aims to do ultra-events on my broken feet.

In other news, went to Harriman to find at least the 5k loop for the race, couldn't track it down, ended up just sort of noodling about in the woods with the better half and the delightful progeny. Some accidents are happier than you expect, recalling a ramble through Doodletown's ruins and cemeteries yesterday.


beth said...

There is the chance that you may have the same foot problem I developed a few months ago: old person foot. I started having super sore feet after walking only tiny distances and they got all stiff while I wasn't walking and overall it was painful to walk at all. I knew it wasn't fasciitis because it wasn't heel pain, it was all over sore like I'd walked a marathon pain.

I was convinced I'd ruined them with the running I did in Dec (I did a 1 mile/day challenge) but the podiatrist said, in more technical terms, I just had old, achy feet that needed more support aka no more Converse for me.

I was skeptical but he gave me some ultrasound massage (nice!) and made me wear my running sneakers every day for 2 weeks and I've been fine since.

Upside: no problem running, downside: frumpy shoes on the regular.

pantaloonfan said...

It's as if I did something to the nerve between the third and fourth metatarsal. I stepped down hard on an object with a sharp (not cutting) edge with all my weight a while ago, and it has hurt since then.

Honestly, it feels like two pieces of connective stuff snapping past each other, with hints of what feels like stomping on a nerve. That sounds fearfully dramatic, but it's the nearest thing I can think of. Fingers crossed.

I'm hoping it turns out to be something minor, and at the least something I can just gut through (if it just hurts, and I'm not messing anything up, game on.)