Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lace Them Up

Today begins the "forced march" of hopefully daily postings.

I'll warn that some will be lousy. Probably lousier than usual.

I'm still running, I had a moment where I realized that my gmapping had been wrong, and I had gone longer than expected (by a tiny, tiny bit.) So, I've skipped forward a week in my shorter in-week runs, and will tonight have to follow through on another monumental WHOLE MILE-AND-A-HALF without walking.

I think it should be fine, though I'm sore in the hip flexor from pushing a bit too hard on the same distance the other day. Conventional wisdom is to increase weekly mileage by ten-percent as a cap. This is proceeding a bit quicker, which has some possible risks of soreness and injury etc. Nerve pain in left foot is still present, right foot is a bit grumpy as well, but "we'll see."

What was encouraging is that my 1.5 the other night covered the road I had done my first nauseous .75 on a few weeks ago, and it was easier this time. I was a bit quicker, I worked a bit harder, and double the distance didn't feel too awful. It made me feel a bit hopeful, and it makes this feel like not as dreadful an idea as it seemed at first.

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