Friday, February 8, 2008

Down! Down boy!

So, as you know from recent mutterings on this page, Tigger and the fan have gotten a new apartment to move into, and both have wanted a dog. We were looking for a Bernese Mountain Dog, and someone called with a purebred that had been owner surrendered.

So, long story short, in the meantime Tigger's family is watching the newest addition to our household:

I was worrying, but then suddenly realized, that this dog is the greatest canine mentalist ever.

It may look like madness, but it's actually that he's focussing his energy on twisting and warping his metal bonds. His greatest inspiration is Yuri Geller (and Magneto), from what I understand...

What you can't see here is that the latch on the kennel has been smashed to pieces, and he's now preparing to make good his escape from mankind's bonds, and wreak slightly poorly coordinated vengeance on the world. Be afraid, or bring chewies or something like that. He's coming... in a couple of weeks.

In all seriousness, I have wanted a dog since I was about twelve, and somehow the pieces have fallen into place. Here's hoping all works out perfectly, or something like pretty well... grandmother style photo madness awaits! Aren't both of you hypothetical readers excited? Yes??

Or no. Whatever. You can't escape it!

FYI, he's just three months old, and that big already. God help me but if they had dog pee wee football, he would totally be on the D-Line in a year.

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