Friday, February 29, 2008

A Little Friday Filler


The apartment looks like the inside of C-130 delivering a humanitarian relief shipment.  Even better?  Sure, I'll go there.  We were thinking we were going to be in the new place tonight at least to paint.  Tigger wants to paint stuff (mainly because the departing tenant worked with a lovely dark mustard shade in the living room with the blue carpeting), and we picked a color.  Painting is something that I, and most guy friends of mine have confirmed this, give little thought to, and would generally roll with white all day long... but all's well.

We are not in the new place right now.  You can tell because I wouldn't have an internet connection.  Or furniture.  Or whatever.  Former tenant drags feet, we wait in the staging area.


Instead of all that, I am freshly showered and in a bathrobe, with a cocktail in hand, sneaking in a February 29th post because it just had to be done.

I am, however, not in the best of shape after sleeping poorly and insufficiently for days now, and spending some time being absolutely in a panic about the next two days, so there's that as well.

So in the meanwhile, go read (while both of you hypothetical readers certainly know about it already, I wanted to share it as I crawled out from under my rock, ran across it today, and divebombed* a couple of years of the posts.)  I guess when a late-forties suburban dad in the office sees it and says how much he loves it... it's not exactly like I'm setting up the first flash mob here or something like that.

The remarkable thing: 

-It's a web comic.

-It's funny.

I know you don't believe me, I wouldn't either.  It is, however, true.

In other news: Moose (according to numerous sources in the know) is likely to be around 150 pounds when fully grown.

In other, other news: I know no one wanted to endlessly hear me waste their time talking ad nauseam about a dog.  I will make an effort to be irritated at other things again, instead of just marveling about this one thing in particular.  Ire fuels the litter box... that and poorly spelled, inarticulate opinions.

So to be in line with the form...  YOUR LOOSERS PWNT!!!@#  1110100111

Is that better?  Does it make this feel like the internet again?  I guess I could also post more pictures of the dog and fit a different corner of things.

One final random thought in the Grab Bag: on the subway posters for the new pick 5 lottery campaign, it has a little tag on the bottom of the advertising that says (in text smaller than what's on your screen, dear hypothetical readers): "Play Responsibly."  Right.

Be well.  Pray for Mojo, tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow are going to be pretty nuts.  We have to move, paint, AND we have to go to a wedding tomorrow afternoon.  Sweet!  Maybe I'll write that novel on Saturday while I'm at it.

Nothing quite like a bit of cohesive writing with a beginning, middle, and an

*The act of finding a source of writing or other material, and methodically roaring through mountains of archive.  It's fantastic, and it's a good reason to keep on sifting through the kitty litter that is the internet and looking for the impossible diamond as you work your way through.  I made this phrase up and I am telling you this here.  It's like an even more slack Slacker Copyright... I don't even need to buy a stamp!

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