Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No Mas

I'm ready to be done now.

All those anxiety and stress evaluations where they talk about moving as being one of the greatest sources of tension one can experience... I get that now.

I just want to have all my stuff in one place, and I want to feel like I can just live normally again.  We've slowly put things into place, and with the addition of the training/housebreaking/integrating a dog into life it's just been really extraordinarily draining.  I just want it to be a good, normal day to day for a little bit before something else intrudes.  I'm stressed enough about recession, and layoffs, and who knows what else, and this is just putting me at a point of exhaustion that I'm getting a bit tired of altogether.

There's no pithy here tonight folks.  I just have run out of whale oil for the week.

48 hours from now it will be finished, and I will be relieved.  I think I may be planning on:

-A trip to the beach this weekend
-Drinking myself into some sort of stupor on some evening

I dream big, kids.  That's how you make it to the big leagues, right?

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