Saturday, March 1, 2008

Really Simple, Really



Buy yourselves (hypothetical pair of readers) a couple of Clifton Chenier records.


I'm up, way too late of course... trying to sleep waiting for the move.  I am up, and listening to Clifton and his Red Hot Louisiana Band (their real name) just ripping the hell out of God's atmosphere.

You should be doing likewise.

If you have doubts, just know that this guy toured 300 plus dates a year, even while receiving kidney dialysis at the tail end of his career.  They had a big station wagon (the same kind of vehicle that I hope to hell will get us moved in tomorrow and Sunday) and a trailer, and they unleashed unholy hell all over this great land.

Buy his stuff.  No other people will understand why,  but trust me.  

It's that good.

When have I ever used bold and italics before?

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