Saturday, March 15, 2008

Up, up and Away

The last of the moving is done.  It's a strange feeling having given the keys back today, and knowing I won't unlock that door anymore.  As much as I knew it was coming and we'd been sleeping in the new place already, it just didn't seem real that we were leaving the old behind.

I feel a bit like Larry Walters at the moment.  You sit in the yard, inflating the balloons, filling ballast jugs, lifting off while tethered to the ground, all the while flying.  When the moment comes to release the rope that anchors you, and spring upwards into the sky it is unsettling.  However much the dream may be to fly your chair off into the blue, when the reality arrives it cannot be easy to process.

We've cut the tether, and are on our way (hopefully not into any commercial flight paths.)

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