Tuesday, January 15, 2008

For Once

That's right. For once, I'm going to keep it brief. At least that's the aim.

Any of you who are cyclists in some form or another have possibly used a stationary bicycle, or a stationary trainer in the past. You, like me, may well hate them with a truly deep seated intensity; you may have love for them, but then people make all kinds of errors of judgement, and I won't be judgmental as a result. Feel free to persist in your madness if it's what you must do.

All I know is that a solid half hour on my stationary trainer leaves me feeling like crying, or better yet finding someone or something weaker and smaller and hitting it, and making it cry instead.

So, jog over and witness the descent into sheer madness of Elden who decided to ride a century (100 miles with as few interruptions as possible) on a set of rollers*.

Give it a read, enjoy... while you still can and he hasn't been hauled, raving and gibbering mad in a straitjacket. I think it might be that winter has left him slightly... off?

*For those who aren't aware of how rollers work, imagine a stationary bicycle workout that had the added benefit of allowing you to fall and injure yourself if you became slightly distracted, or wanted to stop pedaling.

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