Friday, January 11, 2008

If You Were a Tree, What Kind of History Would You Manufacture from Whole Cloth?

I was reading the local free rag yesterday, which hawkers hand out at the exits to train stations. It's one of my morning rituals, when I'm not too burned out to remember to grab one, and it has basic local news, celeb details that I skip, and some sports reporting.

It's a phenomenon that is growingly common, they have a bunch of them in London as well as other cities, it's a bit like News Lite... tabloid fold, under 50 pages.

So, I was flipping through while on my shorter walking option to work from the train, and saw an article about the initiative to plant a million trees in New York, a program which is planned for completion by 2016. Very cool, no? Yes, self, it is indeed cool... it is a town of a great many parks, some of which just happen to be only slightly larger than your bathtub. Yes kids, that one is 0.04 acres of verdant wonder.

But I digress.

So, the article in amny mentioned the tree project, and said that cuttings were going to be taken from the fantastic European Beech trees in Central Park, and cloned and subsequently replanted elsewhere in the city. Very cool, no? Yes, self, it is indeed cool.

And there, loyal pair of readers, is where the all the magic happened. Drew Becher, executive director of the New York Restoration Project, "...a nature group that is working with the city on the project..." spoke his feelings, and I quote:

"Everyone remembers the story of George Washington and the apple tree,"

Here the quote is interrupted, to provide the earlier indicated attribution of Mr. Becher. I will pause as well, but just for dramatic and snide effect.

"Wouldn't it be great if that apple tree was still around?"

I'm not expecting him to be a big time history buff, understand me, okay?

I just kind of expected that someone running the program for cloning and planting trees all over New York City just MIGHT be aware of the fact that:

-Said apple tree was not in New York
-George Washington killed said apple tree
-Said apple tree was, in fact, a cherry tree.

But then, those of you who went to elementary school already knew that,

didn't you...?

Please say yes.

If no, would you care for a slice of...

apple pie, anyone?

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