Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gunnysack Grab Bag Mix-n-Match Thursday!

So no real theme, pretty much, is the idea.

Not so much the idea, but just how things wound up.

As I was talking to someone who had been at Burning Man last night, they mentioned the problematic phenomenon of "Shirtcocking". It is, simply, the act of just wearing a shirt, and having your junk just waving around getting down in some serious dust. Also known as Reason Number 47 I'm Not Going to Burning Man Next Year.


There's a strange juxtaposition involved in seeing a Whole Foods delivery van at a stoplight, with the driver gunning the engine hard enough to make the entire vehicle shudder.


It's more than a little disturbing to hear someone continuously whistling Rod Stewart's "If You Want My Body" in the office, quickly and a bit off key to boot. It's an open plan workplace, so not only was it any one of 30-40 people who was ripping away with it, but I couldn't even begin to guess who it was.


Also, out talking to folks last night, a friend mentioned that a (female) friend of his, when asked about Public Enemy, replied "I don't know them, but then I was never really into Gangster Rap."


I work with someone who is 24, 8 years younger than I am. When the announcement came out that Led Zeppelin was going back on tour after a 27 year hiatus, he brightly said "Wow, I wasn't even ALIVE when they last played."

Now, I'm not saying that at four years old I was getting hammered on Budweisers in the parking lot at the Nassau Coliseum waiting for Zep' to play, but still...


There was a homeless guy selling a few things at the Second Avenue F Train stop the other day, and he happened to have an 8 VHS tape collection of Tae Bo, with Billy Blanks. I guess he did seem to be in pretty decent shape, but where did he get to watch TV and work out at the same time? Barring that, isn't a set of work out tapes something you'd sell to raise money before you got kicked out of your apartment?


In the world of the nature documentary, wildebeest are pretty much always just a buffet item.


Finally, as a bit of an homage to bikesnobnyc, two quick mentions from the daily show of horrors that is

This fine creation, with the lovely "Color Matching" "Bar" "Taping"

Goes beyond perfection, into true and special territory, but hold your breath! Take a look at the write up, where he not only shows the original, woefully handlebarred iteration, but mentions the "Sweet" red front tire, and promises the he's TOTALLY "planning on some sick upgrades". An eager public waits, friend.

I'm hoping for lime-green deep V's, but who knows, given the taste and planning that went into this bad boy so far.

At least he's a step ahead of this guy, who is (one can only assume) still saving up for his first hacksaw. The bitchin' pink grips are just place holders for where this sweet machine is going to get chopped all the way to nirvana.

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