Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Microserfdom Deconstructed

I am part of a "daily blogging for a month" exercise.

That's why I'm here after being nowhere for forever.

It's the love I bring to my work.

I've moved to where my commute is long, and am getting a lot of reading done... Just put down the Border Trilogy, and started a new book today, on which I plan on having more to say later...

Shop Class as Soulcraft.

Read it, as it may be a bit of a polemic by a slightly overly intellectual philosopher-turned-motorcycle-mechanic but it is tremendously thought provoking.

The result of today's thought and reading is what I'm considering Dedring's Law: Elegance is not the province of machines. It is the province of human's, though it is not clear that all humans have the capacity for elegant solutions.

IF you do white collar "knowledge work", be aware that the making of rule-based systems, and the improvement of communications networks is putting you closer to irrelevance. The simple way to put it is: you can't hammer a nail over the internet. You can do many, many other things. The idea of knowledge work is a nice thought, but most of us have actually become clerks of one kind or another. The making of rules and procedure manuals renders us less relevant, and renders our ability to think ever less significant.

More to follow down the line. I just had to write SOMETHING today. So 2 for 2. Both are worthless, but both are here.

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