Thursday, March 3, 2011

More Good News!

No! It's not about jesus!

It's that in addition to skunks in the yard, with baited traps, we've now had a drain backup in our basement! I don't know whether it is strictly considered raw sewage, but when the toilet is passing water through itself the wrong way in your spare bathroom, as well as convincing the local shower to do the same, it's not an easy thing to handle exactly.

Let's hope the home warranty based plumber has some good news tomorrow.

Pray for mojo.

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Beth H said...

So sorry to hear this! I think I told Stacy about our plumbing disaster which also occurred shortly after home purchase - on New Year's Day. Thankfully we bought a house in Mayberry, apparently, because a friendly local plumber not only came by to check it out that day, he showed up without our giving him the address (we just mentioned the name of the previous owners and voila! he showed up 20 minutes later).

Our house was empty for a year before we bought it so we think it just needed a good snaking or whatever he did. No problems since, at least! Hope yours is resolved as quickly and easily.