Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tomato Mousse

Our dog, the erstwhile Moose, managed to get sprayed by a skunk last night...

Apparently, tomato juice doesn't work. Good thing, as we didn't have any. We did give him a peroxide wipedown, and it helped a LITTLE bit.

I am hoping that his experience has chastened him just a LITTLE bit about playing with the black and white kitties. It was as if he wanted to smell its butt, and all went to hell from there. All we wanted was him to have a pee before bed, and I was already asleep... lovely wife called from outside, and I came out into the frozen-ness of the great north to wipe down the dog... it's been a great 24 hours, on top of having spent a staggering amount of dough on the sewer yesterday.

Let us hope for a slightly less eventful week to come.

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